Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Don't miss the Walking Boat - 12/5/11, 1.15pm, Tate Modern Foreshore

Following a stumble in October 2010, the Capital's first 'Walking Boat' will be returning to the foreshore of the Tate Modern. Previously tripped up by a falling tide and a shelved shoreline, the artist, Andrew Baldwin, has worked hard at redesigning the boat's Bow and Hull, to ensure success at the second attempt. We had a secret trial at the end of 2010, which proved a stroll, and have been waiting for the right tide to re-stage this event, ever since. 

The wait is now over...

Don't miss out on the Walking Boat, an extraordinary, kinetic work of art created by sculptor, Andrew Baldwin. His astonishing piece, a 40ft walking boat, will be sailed into the heart of London, where it will walk out of the Thames onto the river’s foreshore at Tate Modern. 

Join us on the River pathway to see this astounding 20-ton mechanical marvel on Thursday lunchtime from 1.15pm.

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